Officers Times 
News Network delivers high-quality relevant infotainment to a young digitize India. We have most premium audience network in Rajasthan with 4 Popular Media/Digital (Vidhayak - It's INDIA, Health TV, Officers Times, JDA platforms and 2 RNI Registered Hindi Newpapers. We offer Spotlight Advertising, Brand Solution Advertising & Premium Display Advertising.

Spotlight Advertising

Officers Times News Network is Rajasthan's most premium audience network with 4 Popular Digital platforms. What sets Officers Times apart is not just the quality of its media platforms, but also the quality of audience you can target with precision in intent and interest. Marketers can either choose a self-serve model or have a dedicated team to lead the efforts in a managed model.

Brand Solution Advertising

Our platform delivers high-quality relevant infotainment to a young digitized India. Advertisers can explore exciting branded integrations with Officers Times platforms to reach highly involved audiences with laser-sharp targeting. Partner with Officers Times to explore content-led brand collaborations and advertising opportunities, leveraging the diversity in our storytelling as well as audience segmentations.

Premium Display Advertising

Our Premium Display offering will help your Brand reach Subscribers of 300K (including 175,000+ Youtube, 120,000+ Facebook, Instagram & Twitter). We help advertisers engage with an involved user base in a safe, immersive, and contextually relevant ecosystem.

For Rate Card and more information please contact:- 6300005480 

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